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Metal Halide Lamps Are Stupid

Let me start off with an apology to the great-grandchildren of the person whose invention I just called stupid. Your great-grandparent wasn't stupid, they were obviously one of the smart ones. BUT having a metal halide lamp in your facility right now is kind of a stupid thing. They are ugly, turn weird colors when they age, "wake up" slower than me on a Monday morning, and suck up a ridiculous amount of electricity. I can't think of a better antonym for the word efficient. 


Look at this picture. This was taken on one of my assessments - their metal halide lamps were all different ages. A rainbow of colors! But not in a fun, my-little-pony way.


Sure, back in the 1900s this was it. These lamps blew people's minds left and right. But, my friends, we didn't leave the stone age because we ran out of stones. Retrofitting these bad boys is so easy right now. LED alternatives have never been easier to get in the whole history of light bulbs. Think about it. A 400-watt metal halide actually is drawing 455 watts because of the ballast plus lamp. I'd retrofit with a very pretty 87 watt LED high bay fixture. It will look amazing. Tears will fill your eyes as you are reminded of the feeling you had the first time you laid eyes on a Monet painting. You will be saving 368 watts. If you have 10 fixtures, that's 3,680 watts saved. Equivalent to the power needed to illuminate 61 incandescent light bulbs. Instant energy savings. It's so easy. Stop with the stupid inefficient lamps and choose a brighter for your business. (Get it? Brighter? Cuz we were talking about lights. It's cool, you can use that one.)

Beth Kosson