The Complete Energy Efficiency Package


Increased Profitability for Your Business

Energy Efficiency is Cooler Than Ever

Yes, I said cooler. Because, you know, it’s in style. What we are doing here at Verde is not to curb your energy usage and make you join a legion of crazy environmentalists. Instead, we are here to expand your energy options and to enhance your productivity. All this, while also lowering your total cost. Saving the environment is more appealing when you’re also saving a dollar.

On average, our projects at Verde consist of energy efficient materials in a spectrum that includes HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and smart thermostats. Each of these products is key in representing our company’s primary focus of reducing small and standard business kilowatt hours by half or more while allotting large project discounts (up to 95%) through Com-Ed sponsored programs. Annual electric costs are ultimately lowered and payback times are reduced, making energy efficiency one hard opportunity to pass up.

Sustainability is often misunderstood as a means towards achieving the least. The least amount of consumption, the least amount of environmental damage, the lowest possible cost, etc. Yet, it is time that we start associating sustainable practices with the more. More opportunity, more choices, more advantages. Verde believes that by approaching this mindset through assessment and installation, we can create a better, more profitable world for all businesses alike.

Anthony Romano