The Complete Energy Efficiency Package


Increased Profitability for Your Business

Analysis is the Key to Saving

Our analyst team is one of the best at helping small business owners take control of their energy consumption. They perform comprehensive assessments in areas such as lighting, refrigeration and HVAC. Their extended knowledge of several programs which offer rebates makes it easier for owners to invest in a project that will ultimately reduce their energy usage. There are times where it may not be as easy to move forward with an energy savings project, due to financial reasons, as a solution we offer monthly payment plans which help relieve the pressure of paying all at once.

I am very passionate about sustainability and as member of the Verde team it is very rewarding being able to contribute in the process of saving energy. My involvement in this process is helping the analyst schedule assessments; submit projects to the various rebate programs, summarize the materials needed for each project, coordinate HVAC projects and data analysis.

Adrian Martinez